Anonymously mail a giant dick to anyone

How it works

Soaring Sack is 3 foot-long spring penis that you can anonymously send to anyone. Each Sack is loaded into a tiny, plain tube and shows up on your recipient's doorstep primed and ready to give them the surprise of their life! When you buy a Sack, we're going to donate cash to aid in the fight against testicular cancer! That's right, when you send a Sack, you're also saving one!
Go to Pick Your Recipient

Pick Your Recipient

Best friend, bachelorette, grandma, room mate, whomever! Pick someone to send a sack to and fill out their shipping address at checkout.

Go to Stuffing The Sack

Stuffing The Sack

Our team will begin to stuff the Sack. It’s hard work stuffing a 3 foot Sack into a tiny tube

Go to Unleashing the sack

Unleashing the sack

Upon being delivered, the spring-loaded Sack is primed and ready to be unleashed on your unsuspecting recipient


We will donate a percentage of each Sack sold to men’s health and fighting testicular cancer!

See It In Action!


Over 9,000 people are diagnosed with Testicular Cancer each year. Every time you prank someone with a Sack, we're going to donate money to the Movember Foundation, to aid in the fight against this terrible disease. That's right, by you sending someone a giant spring penis, you're helping in the fight against cancer. Go you! Not only that, we're going to send you a "Certificate of Donation" so that you can hang on your fridge and brag about!