giant dick's - sent anonymously
Prank your friends while fighting against testicular cancer!

How it works

Soaring Sack is 3 foot-long spring penis that you can anonymously send to anyone. Each Sack is loaded into a tiny, plain tube and shows up on your recipient's doorstep primed and ready to give them the surprise of their life! When you buy a Sack, we're going to donate cash to aid in the fight against testicular cancer! That's right, when you send a Sack, you're also saving one!
Go to Pick Your Receipient

Pick Your Receipient

Best friend, bachelorette, grandma, room mate, whomever! Pick someone to send a sack to and fill out their shipping address at checkout.

Go to Stuffing The Sack

Stuffing The Sack

Our team will begin to stuff the Sack. It’s hard work stuffing a 3 foot Sack into a tiny tube

Go to Unleashing the sack

Unleashing the sack

Upon being delivered, the spring-loaded Sack is primed and ready to be unleashed on your unsuspecting recipient


We will donate a percentage of each Sack sold to men’s health and fighting testicular cancer!


Over 9,000 people are diagnosed with Testicular Cancer each year. Every time you prank someone with a Sack, we're going to donate money to the Movember Foundation, to aid in the fight against this terrible disease. That's right, by you sending someone a giant spring penis, you're helping in the fight against cancer. Go you! Not only that, we're going to send you a "Certificate of Donation" so that you can hang on your fridge and brag about!

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