Hold on a second, a giant what?!

-You heard us right! Soaring Sack is a giant 40 inch spring penis that you can have mailed to anyone, completely anonymously!

But why would I want to send one?

-Because it’s hilarious, duh! Plus, for every Sack that you buy, we donate money to the Movember Foundation to help in the fight against testicular cancer. Your friend gets a giant, floppy surprise and you get the satisfaction of knowing you’ve helped save some balls!

So I don’t get anything in return?

-Good point, let’s sweeten the deal. When you buy a Sack, we’ll send over a ‘Certificate of Donation’ in your name. Pair that with the donation from your purchase and the look of shear confusion on your recipients face, it’s a no brainer!

Hmm, I’m intrigued, how does it work?

-Super simple. Think about that one friend who loves p… I mean, surprises and add a Sack to your cart. While checking out, put their address in the “Mailing Address” section and we’ll shoot a Sack over to them pronto!

I’m in, who can I send a Sack to? Can I send one to myself?

– Dad, grandma, Pauly from down the street. Send a Sack to anyone you want!
*We do not condone sending Sack’s to people who you do not know and we remove ourselves from any liability if a Sack is sent with malicious intent

Will they know that I sent it to them?

-Nope! Each Sack is sent completely anonymously in a tiny plain mailing tube. Your name will be nowhere to be found.